Cabinet Painting & Refinishing Columbus, Ohio

Cabinet painting and refinishing company in Columbus, Ohio, Duration Painting can update your dull or outdated kitchen cabinets by painting and resurfacing them so they look like new again.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets can save you money

White Painted Kitchen Cabinets 600If you don’t have the budget for new kitchen cabinets, why not improve the look of the ones you have? Want a look that’s clean and contemporary? No problem. Do you prefer a vintage look? Check out our portfolio to see pictures of cabinets we’ve antiqued. You pick the color; Duration Painting makes it happen!

Should I paint my cabinets or buy new ones?

Assaulted by everything from grimy hands to cooking grease, kitchen cabinets take a beating. Although cabinet replacement might be inevitable, you can buy some time by painting your cabinets. Be aware that even the highest-quality paint job can’t cure the evils of poor kitchen design or hide fundamental structural flaws in cabinets. Cheap cabinets grow especially frail with old age. Thin sides and backs, which are often veneered with vinyl paper, can peel or delaminate. Undersized particleboard cabinet bottoms or shelves sag or even break. Hanging rails, particularly on upper cabinets, might begin to pull loose.

How to refinish old kitchen cabinets?

Although you can replace doors and drawers, widespread structural problems such as these make cabinets difficult to refinish and you’re better off replacing them. However, if the damage is limited to worn surfaces, nicks, and dings, paint can work miracles, especially when coupled with new cabinet hardware.

Will I be able to use my kitchen while having my cabinets painted?

As always, Duration Painting will do the job in a timely manner so your inconvenience is minimal. We keep the process neat and clean, never leaving you with a mess.

So, before you yank out those old cabinets and haul them to the dump, give us a call and schedule a free consultation. We can suggest ideas on renovating your existing kitchen through cabinet refinishing without all the extra expense.

For kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing in Columbus, Ohio, contact Duration Painting for a free estimate. Call 614-861-2220.