Exterior house painting company Columbus, Ohio

Exterior Painting of Light Brown HouseWhen you need an exterior house painting company in Columbus, Ohio, Duration Painting can do it right because our methods are meant to last.

We can paint your home’s exterior including surfaces such as:

  • Aluminum, wood and vinyl siding
  • Stucco and brick
  • Concrete board and smart trim

Professional exterior painting services in central Ohio

House Exterior Painted Light Brown 870

Painting the outside of your house is much more than just a preliminary power wash and then slapping some paint on the surface of the boards. Duration Painting prepares your home’s surface by first caulking all possible water penetrations including miter cuts, seams, brick to windows, and wood to windows. This not only makes the paint job last longer by not allowing water to get behind the boards, but also helps seal and weatherize the interior of your home.

Is it worth it to use high-quality paint on your house?

Yes. That’s why we only use top of the line products such as Sherwin-Williams Super Paint, which gives your house the best protection against the elements. Someone may try to sell you two coats of inferior paint, which can’t compare to one coat of a superior product.

Do I need to replace the trim on my house before painting?

We’ll replace your trim boards if the wood has rotted to the point of becoming a detriment to your home because it can no longer hold paint.

How much does it cost to hire someone to paint my house?

We are very competitive from a price perspective. Plus, we never ask for any money down; we wait for payment until the painting job is complete.

Why trust Duration Painting to paint your home?

Duration Painting company specializes in residential painting. While the exterior preparation differs from interior, you can be sure your home painting project will be handled with the same professionalism and care.

Here are some exterior home painting questions we’re frequently asked:

When can I paint the exterior of my house in Columbus, Ohio?

Ideal weather conditions for exterior home painting are 70°F and partly sunny; however, paint will cure and dry at temperatures as low as 35°F. To preserve a quality result, our professional house painters will suspend outdoor work if there is a 50% or greater chance of rain in the forecast. We select premium paint for all jobs; however, we are always willing to discuss your preferred brands.

How does Duration Painting prep my house for exterior paint?

  • Power washing using an environmentally-safe detergent (Note: power washing is not always necessary prior to painting)
  • Surface preparation including scraping and minor maintenance
  • Landscape protection
  • Surface priming
  • Area clean up

What level of service can I expect for my exterior home painting project?

  • Cover / protect non-painted areas
  • Second coat application per agreement (where required)
  • Final inspection by crew
  • Complete and thorough project walk-around with your crew
  • Final touch-ups (where required)
  • Area clean up
  • Final project walk-through with Duration Painting owner (if requested)

4 tips to choosing the best paint color for your house

There are many factors that go into picking an exterior paint color, but we find these tips critical:

  1. Keep it simple. The more colors you add, the more expensive it will be. Unless you have a “grand” vision on how all those colors will work, keep it simple with a single base color and a single trim color.
  2. Pay attention to the neighbors. Choosing a clashing color will only cause arguments, and if your neighbors are trees, then be careful about the shade of color you use. Paint looks darker on houses in wooded lots and if you have a lot of shrubbery, you should avoid choosing shades of green.
  3. Complement other elements. Look at the color elements that will stay the same, including shingles and brick.
  4. Consider the climate. If you live in a warm climate, bright colors will wash out with time, which can have a desired effect. Bright colors will stay bright longer in cooler climates, which can make your house stand out more from others in the neighborhood.

Should you have additional exterior painting questions, ask the experts at Duration Painting. We partner with top painting companies like Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore, who help us stay on top of the latest painting news, trends, and techniques.

If you need an exterior house painter in Columbus, Ohio, contact Duration Painting online today for a free estimate or call 614-861-2220.