Industrial & Commercial Coatings

Industrial and Commercial Coatings Columbus, Ohio.

Duration Painting offers protective coating applications for commercial and industrial businesses in Columbus, Ohio. As a local painting contractor, we’re known for our quality workmanship and on-time completion of painting projects. We specialize in interior and exterior painting of commercial buildings and structures.

Types of commercial floor coatings.

We work with a variety of businesses including apartment complexes, hotels, commercial buildings, malls, tenant improvements, senior living facilities, resorts, and office buildings.

Epoxy Floors in Large Parking Garage 2592

Elastomeric coatings:

Used on masonry and concrete construction, this coating helps prevent water from seeping into building interiors.

Epoxy coatings:

Epoxy coatings are very durable, stain and water resistant, and last for many years to give you long-term cost effectiveness. This coating creates a non-porous surface so dirt won’t stick, making it very easy to clean.

Two-part polyurethane coatings:

Used on floors to protect against stains, oil leaks, wear and tear and other damage.

Reflective coatings:

Used on top of concrete floors, this bright and shiny coating improves illumination by amplifying natural light.


Protect your floors from potential water damage with a waterproof coating.


Commercial performance floor coatings for concrete floors in warehouses, factories, parking garages, and more.

Why should you hire a professional commercial painting company?

There are many different coatings, materials, and processes for industrial and commercial painting. Duration Painting offers color renderings and paint or coating recommendations. Using our team as your industrial or commercial painting company gives you access to our years of experience and quality customer service.

Decorative and durable industrial coating systems.

We can add colored quartz or decorative flakes to enhance the look, and concrete sealers to provide long-lasting strength and durability. For protection against extreme conditions including heat, water, chemicals, and general foot traffic, we have the best solution for your commercial floor.

For info on industrial and commercial coatings in Columbus, Ohio, contact us at (614) 861-2220 for a free estimate.