Interior house painting company Columbus, Ohio

Light Brown Painted Living Room Interior 870Looking for interior house painting in Columbus, Ohio? Duration Painting can paint the inside of your house year-round, no matter the weather outdoors. We select premium paint for all jobs; however, we are always willing to discuss your preferred brands. We also consult on the most appropriate finish for a room’s walls and trim.

What can I expect when hiring Duration Painting for interior house painting?

When you hire us, you’ll get professional painters who bring the right equipment, do extensive prep work, and execute the job for long-lasting results.

How do I choose the right paint color for my room?

We offer free interior design consultations to help you select the best paint color for any room in your home.

What’s included in a professional painting project?

1. Room Setup

We recommend that you move the furniture away from the walls. (We cannot move your furniture or appliances ourselves for liability reasons.) Also, please remove all personal effects, paintings and nails from the walls. We’re happy to patch any holes you leave behind.

Then, we’ll cover everything with plastic to protect the fabric from overspray. We’ll also cover floors and tape off trim in areas to be painted.

2. Room Preparation

We scuff or sand the surfaces to be painted for better paint adhesion. We fill holes and cracks in the walls, caulk any gaps in the trim, seal stains, and wash the surfaces, if needed.

3. Painting

We prime surfaces as needed, and then apply the selected paint with proper tools and techniques. We always apply straight cut lines between walls and trim, and clean up thoroughly when done.

4. Final Inspection

Upon completion, you’ll have a complete and thorough project walk-through with the painting crew so we can paint any final touch-ups where required. The owner of Duration Painting is also available for your final walk through, if requested.

Why would I need to use primer before painting?

Using a primer prior to painting improves adhesion of paint, provides an attractive and uniform finish, and blocks water, grease, and smoke stains that can bleed through your top coat. Not every interior painting project requires priming. We’ll let you know if we recommend a primer during the initial consultation.

Our interior painting services are offered in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding area. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate! Call (614) 861-2220.