Residential house repainting company Columbus, Ohio

Residential Interior Paint 2Do you need your house repainted in Columbus or central Ohio? Duration Painting is a professional painting contractor to homeowners and new residential home builders. We’ll work with you one-on-one, providing a complimentary interior design consultation to help you select the right color palettes to suit your home, style and needs.

Why do you need to repaint your house?

To maintain your home’s appearance, as well as its value, it’s imperative to keep it looking good. In addition, a fresh coat of paint helps to protect the materials your house is made from, whether wood, vinyl, stucco or brick.

How often should you paint the exterior of your house?

It depends on your location (for example, is your house exposed to excessive sun and heat?), the quality of the paint used, how many coats were applied, and the quality of the painting job. Duration Painting has worked with over 15,000 homeowners, so we’ve painted just about every type of home imaginable. We use quality products and tools, and believe in the importance of a thorough preparation.

What’s the best paint for the outside of my house?

We only use high-quality painting products such as Sherwin-Williams Super Paint, which gives you the best protection against the elements. Other painting companies may try to sell you two coats of an inferior paint, claiming two coats are better than one. But keep in mind, paint quality is rated by millage build, not number of coats. Here’s more info on our exterior house painting services.

What prep work is required before painting my house?

Power washing is necessary if the house has a build-up of dirt and grime, patching, scraping and caulking where needed, replacing damaged trim or siding, and priming the surface.

If you need a painting company to repaint your house in Columbus, Ohio, contact Duration Painting today. Call us at (614) 861-2220 or send us your info via our easy online form. Consultations and estimates are free.